Plane plunges into Pacific, two men injured

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Demand drives up rents

As the national housing market continues to struggle, students are finding that the price to rent off-campus is still rising.

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Crisis has 'our rapt attention'

The $700 billion bailout plan in Washington and the Stock Market’s nearly 800-point drop in the Dow Jones average Monday may seem far away from Malibu, but the country’s economic disaster is creating a sense of urgency on campus.

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Pep receives 'C' in environmental survey

Pepperdine is moving in the right direction, but it isn’t yet making top grades on “green” issues, according to the Green Report Card, which ranks it below at least 160 colleges and universities. When the Sustainable Endowment Institute released its 2009 online sustainability profiles for 300 schools this week, Pepperdine received a C, up from a D- in 2008.

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Internships necessary for success

Internships, once reserved for the most motivated of students, are now becoming a necessity for professional success after college.

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Fire season sparks extra precaution

As temperatures and humidity continue to rise into October, one fact is clear — fire season is well underway. However, according to Los Angeles County Fire Department Public Information Officer Sammy Padilla, the past 12 months have seen similar conditions.

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Gender disparity remains in politics

When Vice-Presidential nominee Sarah Palin proclaimed her intent to run alongside Senator John McCain, intensified to debate already taking place across the country regarding the role women play in politics.

At a discussion panel, “Women, Politics and You,” held last Tuesday night, coupled with a luncheon earlier that day, four female Pepperdine professors discussed this very issue.

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Brewing Thoughts: Iranian conflicts hit home

A biweekly column by Omid Heidari/Staff Writer

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