Wave Men drown

Staff Writer

After the less-than-successful and somewhat embarrassing grand unveiling of the Wave Men in August, Pepperdine will probably push through yet another year without a mascot.

“We are still in development of new ideas,” said Stuart Hardman, director of University Marketing and head of the mascot committee. “The Wave Men idea is no longer an option, and we have taken the input received from those who contributed to our research and are currently working on a number of different approaches in an attempt to create a new mascot that will resonate with the Pepperdine community.”

Alec McNayr, an alumnus and one of the original Wave Men who was on the committee, had a similar take on the current status of Pepperdine’s lack of a spirit leader.

“We are still trying to come up with a solution that works for everyone and really fits the needs of Pepperdine sports,” McNayr said. “We are taking a look at promoting athletics in general, we are still looking for a plan.”

If the plan does not come before the beginning of next fall, Pepperdine will begin its third consecutive mascot-less year.

In the unveiling of the Wave Men, a video presentation of the assassination of the old mascot, King Neptune, was shown.

Then, from the ashes, emerged the team of five, the Wave men. 

“The majority of the audience just appeared confused,” said senior Kristine Sward, who was at the event.

The idea of having a five-in-one mascot consisting of blue and orange super clowns may have looked good on paper, but the unveiling in front of the Smothers was not well received by students.

“I don’t know how I felt about them, I guess if I saw them at a game I might give them a better chance, but Smothers was just an odd place to unveil them,” senior Diana Hernandez said.

The decision to terminate King Neptune, it turns out, was a bit premature, because the Wave Men have been missing ever since, and there has yet to be someone or something to fill the King’s place.

The idea for the Wave Men originally came from a mascot committee, consisting of alumni and Pepperdine marketing personnel, who said based their ideas on the feedback they received from the students, according to McNayr.

The committee ran competitions and advertisements for multiple weeks in an attempt to get the students involved in creating a mascot and the Wave Men were the end product.

The mascot committee says they are back at the drawing board, and are still trying to come up with a concept.

Seeing as it took more than two years to produce the new failed mascot and there isn’t a hint of a new one showing its head anytime soon, Pepperdine could be waiting quite a bit longer.

Pepperdine remains the only Division I school without a mascot.