Internet offers more than Facebook

Director of Strategic Planning

If you are sick of the same old sites, Facebook, Myspace and TMZ, there are some alternatives available on the Web that offer just as much mindless entertainment.

My newest online obsession is News Groper (, a Web site devoted to the fictional blogs of celebrities, politicians and other notable people. Finally Brad Pitt has a place to vent about his frustrations about being married to Angelina Jolie.

If the imaginary exploits of Pitt traveling around the world are not of interest, jump over to the George W. Bush page and read about what the might be thinking about American politics. The site is perfect for a good belly laugh.

Forget reading your friends notes in Facebook, these celebutant blogs will actually entertain and keep you checking back for updates.

Another humorous site is Fark ( Fark is a self-described weblog and social network. All you creative writing majors out there can get involved with this Web page. Anyone is allowed to submit a story with a headline. The idea is to come up with the most creative and often outrageous headline.

Sometimes the authors of journalistic works will submit their own stories to try to get people to click through and visit the story. Other people submit stories from CNN, newspapers and other online news sources and just add their own headline.

The trick is there is an approval process and not every submitted headline and story gets posted. So this is where the creativity comes into play. See if you can best “Man blamed for global warming. Sucks to be him.”

One mindless task I never developed was playing video games, but being a child of the 80s I do love to sit in front of the television with a microwavable dinner.

This is all fixed with a site known as TV Links (, which is a Web site that hosts almost every television show and many movies. Forget Netflix, this is the digital age. I can now watch “Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers” just like I did growing up, the difference is now I will be watching it in Elkins on my laptop instead of on the television, like I did when I got home from grade school.

 All students at Pepperdine should know about Creative Commons (  This site is a place where people can submit and download original content. Everything from photos to music to videos can be downloaded and used without infringing on most copyrights.

Creative Commons is a great community to research and find material that people actually want to share. There are different levels of copyright and different uses for each download so make sure you read the fine print and start downloading.

I am also guilty of online shopping. For my t-shirt needs, I usually venture over to Threadless ( The online store offers limited edition creative shirts that come in a variety of sizes and types. Once a desirable design is found online, shoppers can have the design placed on shirts, sweatshirts and tanks.

There is also an added bonus that the shirts are printed on American Apparel wear so purchases support American labor and not sweatshops.

The last guilty please is Wrecked Exotics ( a Web site dedicated to posting pictures of every car imaginable. The Ferrari that was split in half on PCH two years ago makes an appearance.

Add these sites to your bookmarks list, and maybe you won’t spend your entire G.E. class on Facebook.