Ten things class of '07 will miss

Staff Editorial

Every hello ends with a good-bye.

This semester’s Graphic said hello to the year 2007 with a breaking online news story on the Malibu fire, followed by the unusual-snow-in-Malibu story in the first issue. It feels like the spring semester began not too long ago, but the time has already come: this semester’s Graphic staff has to say good-bye with this issue.

The last Graphic issue of the year means the last Graphic issue for those who are graduating at the end of the month. Seniors may be so thrilled to graduate that they do not yet know what they will miss about college in years to come.

But don’t worry. The Graphic staff has listed top-10 moments seniors will remember once they have crossed the graduation stage and life has begun.

1. My Tie date.

This was the first social event at college, which probably helped you build some of the amazing friendships you have. The moment you found out about your date should definitely rank as one of the most nerve-wracking moments at Pepperdine.

2. The Caf

Everyone complains about the Caf food, but pretty soon, you may be complaining about cooking for yourself. Seniors may miss eating and chatting with friends, borrowing freshmen cards for food, and getting the card swept by Cindy.

3. Weather/Beaches

It will be hard to beat a life when the ocean is always just beyond a dorm or classroom window. For everyone leaving beautiful Southern California, now it’s time to start clipping tanning salon ads.

4. Cleaning staff

Although it may have seemed a nuisance at the time to have someone cleaning your bathroom when it is time to shower before class, a messy apartment will soon be more annoying.

5. Waking up for Convo

No longer will Wednesday be the only day you have to wake up before 9:30 a.m. Every day will be a convo morning from now on.

6. Sporting events

Seniors miss those free athletic events with home team spirit and free t-shirts. From now on, they will pay to see sports events.

7. The stairs

Breathing and sweating hard on the trek to the CCB or to class from the Firestone Fieldhouse parking lot will no longer be a daily task. But that also means, time on the StairMaster or at the gym.

8. International programs

Since most of you did this during your sophomore year, you probably are already missing all the experiences you had during your international programs. The good news is you can actually do this again whether you will do it with your new colleagues or future spouse. And sure, there will not be any test on Monday after you come back from a weekend trip to Egypt.

9. Student discounts

You will be paying extra money for a drink at Chipotle and wherever you had student discounts, unless attend graduate school. And you will miss those night drives with your friends to La Salsa.

10. Songfest

There will be no more two-hour practice for Songfest in March, and that is probably a relief for many. But you will miss all the applause you received from the audience or all the great performances of your friends on the stage.

Sure, you may not even want to look back at these moments now, but let time pass by, and you will miss them. Oh, one more thing: You will miss the Graphic every Thursday. But don’t worry. We have the online version as well. So you do not have to say good-bye to the Graphic as long as you have the Internet ( You can always check in to remember the good old days.